The Perfect Lighting for the Perfect Time Now

A number of companies are now here with the company designs now. For last 10 years, the company’s designers have been developing and implementing design projects for residential and commercial interiors, decorating interiors, seasonal and festive decoration of shopping centers. During the existence of the studio has implemented many projects of varying degrees of complexity.

  1. Local light is the main assistant

Local lamps will help to correctly zonate the room. This method has been actively used in the design of apartments after the spread of fashion to premises with free planning and interiors in the loft style. Often, designers make the mistake and put aesthetic preferences for the interior above the requirements of functionality. For example, forget to install additional lamps next to the sleeping area, a reading space or a dining table.

  1. Multi-level lighting – the absolute must-have

The interior of the apartment and the house requires different levels of lighting. For example, for a bedroom the soft diffused light will approach, and for a drawing room and a bathroom – directed and bright. In the kitchen, natural lighting of the working surface will be appropriate. If this is not possible, take care of the local illumination of the working areas: use spotlights built into the cornice of the kitchen set or mounted in its lower panel. It is almost like daylight to your home‎.

  1. Shades of lamps – to each his own

A key role in lighting the interior is played by the color temperature of the lamps. There are three main colors: warm white light (less than 3300 K), natural white (3300-5000 K) and cool white (more than 5000 K). The first is suitable for living rooms: living room, bedroom and nursery. The second one is for the hallway or the cabinet, and the third one is used to illuminate the working area of ​​the kitchen.

  1. Energy saving – a pledge of efficiency of fixtures

In accordance with the established standards, a lamp of 10 W is required per 1 square meter of the room. Meanwhile, for modern manufacturers, the main indicator of the economy of lamps is the light output of lamps. It is expressed by the Lumen / Watt ratio.

Energy saving lamps will help save energy – they show a result of 50-90 lm / W, while for incandescent lamps it is only 13 lm / W. However, their cost is 5 times higher than the cost of conventional lamps.

  1. Competent distribution of light – a room without flaws

A competent distribution of light will help to hide the shortcomings of the room. Suspended chandeliers and bowl-shaped lamps make the ceiling higher, and lamps with a shade, on the contrary, visually reduce the height of the room. For small rooms bright light in combination with reflective materials of the ceiling and floor will fit – it will visually expand the space. Spot lighting and LED lighting of the decor elements visually reduce the room, so it is suitable for rooms with a large area.

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