Great Opportunities for the Proper Financing

In tough economic conditions, it is not easy to receive funds through traditional channels. Supply chain financing is a series of practices and technologies that support financial processes in the supply chain “from the initial link to the end”.

One of the functions of financing the supply chain is to agree on the design of trade finance instrumentswith the actual movement of goods and payments through the supply chain. In this area, rapid growth is expected. Supply chain financing is not only in good agreement with the growth of trading from an open account, but also maximizes efficiency, through the introduction of improved information technology (IT) managed supply chain monitoring. For example, more efficient supply chain management, through the use of online data management platforms, reduced corporate inventories and led the industry closer to the production principle precisely by the given deadline. This means that smaller and frequent shipments replace large orders.


While buyers and suppliers can finance their own supply chains, supply chain financing services reduce both the cost of capital and the risk of such transactions by allowing customers to reduce their working capital requirement. The advantage for clients is accompanied by significant benefits for banks, as they can increase revenues by financing working capital in the supply chain for their customers, specialize in participating in the entire supply chain, sell additional products and services (such as steadily promoting their currency exchange services) Other operators in the supply chain and, thus, increase their customer base. The purchase order financing option is also there.

Method of implementation

  • Of all the instruments of financing the supply chain, three financial decisions are clearly distinguished:
  • Financing on the security of inventory allows you to keep goods in the warehouse for the buyer on demand.
  • Funding based on the order is given to the seller on the basis of the purchase order received from the buyer.

Credit For The Development Of Business

Investment credit is a modern tool for business development. Credits for business objectives of lending an enterprise can obtain an investment loan to purchase real estate, transportand equipment, refinance other loans or expand working capital. What can I borrow for?

Where Can I Apply For A Loan?

The chance for approval of the loan application is significantly increased when applying to a large bank. How to choose a bank?

Apply For A Loan

To apply for a loan, you can use the online service on the bank’s official website.

The Cost Of A Loan

THE terms of the loan, the amount and the interest rate are largely dependent on the availability of collateral for the loan, credit history, and the turnover of the company. Over the past few years, various factoring providers have been established in the market, which have developed specific solutions for the various industries. Depending on factors such as the annual turnover and the number of invoices, as well as the debtor structure and the usual payment terms, they create an individual offer on request that is largely tailored to the needs of your company.


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