Carpet Cleaning

Clean your carpet yourself with these best cleaning tips

Carpets make every room glow – only sometimes you can lighten up something. But that does not have to worry, even if spontaneously important visit to the house or you want to do the spring cleaning quickly yourself. Because cleaning a carpet yourself is quick and easy – and you save the cost of an expensive professional cleaning. Only a few steps and already the carpet shine under your own feet again!

Clean carpet yourself: the basics

To be able to clean a carpet yourself, you first have to start very pragmatically, namely while sucking and shaking the carpet – the latter, of course, only if the carpet is small, flexible and light enough that you can do it with him. The almost forgotten carpet bar, which still lingers faithfully in many a yard, here is a wonderful helper, especially in combination with a carpet beater.

But even if that is missing, you can well clean a carpet yourself or prepare it by sucking it. Especially modern vacuum cleaners have different suction possibilities, with which one can remove even the finest dust. If it is a long pile or a high pile rug, it is worth combing the rug with a coarse comb to discover any knots. Repeat these procedures several times a year, so all rugs remain fresh and new for a long time.

Clean carpet yourself: important information

There are ready-to-use carpet cleaners on the market, but salt are often worth it to clean the carpet itself – yes, very simple, normal salt from the kitchen. For salt, which is slightly moistened, can easily be spread over the carpet and picks up all the dirt there. Just wait a few hours or better all night and then soak up the salt. Done is the cleaning! The whole thing can of course also do with finished carpet cleaning powder. It is always important to try on a hidden spot, if the carpet joins in everything or if it bleaches too fast.

However, if the carpet is small and flexible, it is worth cleaning in the washing machine or in the bathtub – again, of course, check how much such a carpet endures. But straight long pile or short pile rugs can be perfectly cleaned in the bathtub – with simple hair shampoo.

If the carpet is particularly dirty, you can – if you want to continue to clean the carpet itself – also rent a cleaning machine. Of course, with the best carpet cleaning machine you can also clean immovable carpets quickly and easily. It is important to have good ventilation for proper drying of the carpets.


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